April 13, 2021

Home extension ideas for Sydney siders that will keep you and your bank account happy

When people buy homes, they’re more likely to think of their current personal circumstances than their future possibilities. They’re likely focused on their current budget, the suburb they’re calling home and the condition and features of their house. More than less, many avoid considering potential future changes such as children, elderly parents or in-laws and other family members that may move in.

home extension

FMR Building Services has four objectives when working on a clients home-renovation and extension.
Quality: We offer quality and consistent artistry with industry-leading technical skills and methods of construction.
Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable and deliver on commitment. We want all of our clients to be happy on hand-over day.
Safety: We are WHS compliant and ensure safety measures are taken on every job site.
Efficient practices: High-quality work is always produced promptly on every project we are involved in.

When space becomes limited, there are usually two options before seeking the advice of a builder. Purchase a bigger house or invest in a home extension at your current residence.

In some cases, a renovation is the preferred option as it will benefit you long term, especially in a city like Sydney. In Sydney, real estate in gentrified and developed areas increase in price consistently. The home extension you may have second-guessed before could turn into a strong return for you when selling.

Benefits of considering a home extension

You don’t have to move. Moving can be a process that ends up tiring you out. From selling your home, purchasing a new one, changing schools and physically moving, this can be a crucial factor for why people prefer extensions over moving.
Having your broker extend or refinance your mortgage for an extension investment is more straightforward than refinancing for a new property.
You can personalise your home. Don’t settle for what is there. Personalise it to your taste and adjust the space accordingly.
A home extension will more than likely cost you less over buying a new house when considering real estate fees and stamp duty.
You don’t have to leave the place where you are emotionally attached and settled.

FMR home extension ideas

At FMR Building Services, we would like to offer some clever extension ideas that could make a significant difference to your home.

Make the inside, outside: In Sydney, we are familiar with sunny and beautiful weather. Opening up your living space with bi-fold doors can instantly widen your entertainment space and seamlessly integrate an outdoor vibe into your home.

Backyard deck: Adding a deck in your backyard gives you space that you never knew you needed. Enjoy Sydney’s great weather and enjoy meals outside with your loved ones by making this simple change.

Building a studio in the backyard: A studio is the best option for a guest house, kids rumpus room or home office. Being apart from the house minimises noise and increases privacy while also providing an additional spot for entertainment.

Adding a bathroom: We don’t need to tell you about what bathrooms or washrooms are for, but an extra one in the house never hurts.

How much will it cost to do a home extension?
The first thing to think about is how is your home currently structured. What options are available to you with the current design that you have? Is it structurally possible to do the extension? If yes, then let’s delve into different options.

One-storey extension A one-storey extension can range between $1350 per m2 and $2,100 per m2. This does not include design and materials.
Two-storey extension A two-storey extension is the exact price as a single-storey extension, plus 50% of the total cost.
Loft conversion You may need to insulate the room, add flooring and make other alterations to make the space liveable. The cost is between $1,500-$2500 per m2.
 Conservatory A room that is made up of panels and glass windows. More substantial materials are required to build a conservatory because of how intense the Australian sun is. A conservatory or greenhouse can range between $5,000 and $30,000.
Garage conversion An affordable renovation as this space already has the foundations of a room. It is a matter of making it more comfortable to live in. Converting a garage into a room can cost up to $20,000.

Other costs to consider when considering a home extension in Sydney:

If adding a kitchen or bathroom in an extension, bear in mind you will also be paying to install gas and piping.
The quality of the materials that you use will determine the cost of the extension.
Heating and cooling insulation are essential parts of making a space more comfortable. You need to understand the cost of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is required to make the room livable.