February 18, 2021

How can a residential builder add value to your home?

Residential builders in Sydney have more power than many people realise. They are not just skilled at their trade, but they also have the ability to add considerable value to your residential property through extensions, additions and renovations. Value is a loaded word that can mean many things, however, in the context of this article we’re referring to financial value, sentimental value and functional value. All three are equally important to homeowners, but all are not always considered.

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When a homeowner decides that he needs the services of a residential builder, it is usually due to one factor. It may be that they realise the need for more space, improved functionality, upgraded facilities or any other reason that comes to mind. Depending on their reason, homeowners seldom look at the value that a residential builder can provide holistically.

If you’ve made a decision to renovate, extend or build an addition to your home, or you are pondering the worthiness of doing so, then our article we’ll be of help. We clearly outline the value that a residential builder can provide you in both the long and short-term.

3 residential building services that can add value to a property

First, let’s take a look at three of the most popular services of residential builders that have the potential to add value to your residential property.

#1 Additions

An addition is building onto an existing property, thereby giving you more living space without sacrificing your yard space. This includes extending the size of a room, adding a room to your home or adding another level.

E.g. Expanding your kitchen into another existing room.

#2 Renovations

A renovation is one of the more popular services offered by residential builders. With this service, you can alter or repair an existing building without making major changes to its size. It includes repairs and upgrades to existing features, even in the case of major projects like an entire kitchen.

E.g. Upgrading the windows and frames of a home.

#3 Extensions

Lastly, an extension means extending an existing property, including its overall floor size. It may mean adding another room, extending an existing room into the yard space (you will have to sacrifice yard space) or even building a granny flat.

E.g. Building a granny flat on your existing residential property.

What kind of value do these services add to your property?

We previously mentioned three types of value that residential builders can offer: functional, sentimental and financial. Let’s explore all three and further explain why these are important to properties.

Functional value

It is easy to see what your home can become from the services offered by a residential builder. Functionality is one of the primary reasons that homeowners decide to renovate, extend and add to their existing home, so it will come as no surprise.

A residential builder can upgrade your home’s facilities and make rooms more livable and comfortable for your evolving lifestyle and family. As you grow, your needs change, and so does your family. You may realise that you need a larger living room, more bathrooms or a larger kitchen. A residential building can make all of these changes in your home, giving you more functionality

Sentimental value

The beauty of a home is that it grows with you and your family. People become emotionally attached to homes and make memories over the years spent within its walls.

As mentioned previously, as you grow, so does your family, your lifestyle and your needs. Sometimes, existing homes do not meet these needs, tempting people to leave behind cherished homes and neighbourhoods in search of a more functional and appropriate one. However, many times, a residential builder can either add, extend or renovate your home to suit your family, preventing you from leaving behind a sentimental home and caring neighbourhood.

Financial value

Lastly, a residential builder can provide your home and you with significant financial value. First, with upgrades, extensions and additions, you are making your home more marketable, more modern and much larger which increases the property’s rental and sale value. While this may not be a concern to you, it’s comforting to know that you have a potential income stream or profit to make in the future.

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