July 21, 2021

How can remedial builders save a property owner money?

Remedial builders are often thought of as the people who solely restore, refurbish and renovate the interior of a building. While that is certainly true, remedial builders can also save property owners a lot of money. Part of the stress of owning a building is the number of issues that it can eventually develop. These issues come with a price tag and can severely cut into a property owner’s pocket if they aren’t careful.

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What problems are property owners likely to need a remedial builder to rectify?
There are many reasons why a property owner may need a remedial builder. Here are a few of our most common service requests:

  • Plumbing leaks:

Plumbing leaks are certainly common, however, they can be extremely damaging to a building. Leaks can cause pipe overflows, raised floorboards, cavity flashing and sewer surcharge.

  • Cracks

Cracks can be due to wear and tear as well as faulty construction and natural disasters. Sometimes, they are harmless, however other times it can be a sign of structural degradation.

  • Brick growth/enhancement

This growth can cause windows and doors to shift as a result of its enlargement which can then cause it to become unstable and eventually non-functional or a danger to those utilising the building.

  • Concrete cancer

Concrete cancer is caused by the rusting of steel reinforcement within a concrete slab. When the steel rusts, it also expands and displaces the concrete which can cause severe structural degradation and imbalances.

What causes these costly issues?

It’s inevitable for buildings to experience wear and tear at some point in their existence, however, a number of factors can cause this wear and tear to accelerate. The following are examples of what can cause buildings to deteriorate prematurely:

  • Poor design
  • Faulty construction
  • Negligent maintenance
  • Natural disasters e.g. flooding

There are certainly more factors that can impact the quality of a building, however, the above are some of the most popular causes.

So now that we know what causes property owners to lose money, let’s take a look at how remedial builders can help them save money.

4 ways remedial builders can help property owners save money

  • Maintain the attractiveness of buildings

For property owners who rent their buildings, maintaining the attractiveness and functionality of the building are important for two reasons:

  • attracting new residents
  • keeping current tenants happy in your building

Attracting new residents to your building is key to keeping your property financially supported. Residents will only be attracted to your building if it appears structurally sound and well-maintained.

Our remedial builders will ensure that your building is well-maintained, modern and fully functional so that your tenants remain content at your property. The happiness of current tenants can be spread through word-of-mouth and online, making it an important factor in attracting new residents.

  • Reduce the likelihood of costly damage

Damage to your property can range from very minor to completely debilitating. Part of a remedial builder’s role is to identify weak areas of a building and take corrective or preventive actions to ensure that more costly and severe damages do not occur.

An example of this is waterproofing. Our remedial builders can waterproof your building which creates an envelope, preventing penetration and damage of surfaces. Without waterproofing, your building could sustain incredibly expensive damages such as concrete cancer and cracking which can have structural impacts.

  • Retain and improve its property value

Over time, the waterproofing, repairs and other corrective and preventive action taken by our remedial builders will enhance your property and preserve its value. Eventually, this will lead to a steady improvement in your property value, on par with market prices.

It’s simple to understand that allowing your building to deteriorate will lead to a reduction in both its rental and selling value. To ensure that you get the most financially out of your building, hire our remedial builders to maintain and repair your property.

  • Improve energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is key for ensuring that the operational costs of your building are sustainable and cost-efficient; this is particularly important if you cover the majority of the utilities for your tenants.

Our remedial builders can also upgrade and modernise your building. Whether it be by improving the insulation of the building or by introducing skylights and sliding doors to maximise natural light, our remedial builder will look for energy-efficient opportunities during the restoration process.

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