January 12, 2021

When do you need to contact a residential builder for your home?

Whether you currently have a home, are looking to build an addition or completely re-build your structure, you will likely need the services of a residential building contractor company. Homeowners who find themselves needing the previously mentioned services and more usually are not aware of what it entails, what other services are offered and whether a residential construction general contractor.

Residential building contractors offer several services that can completely transform your residential property. From drastic knockdown and rebuilds to the construction of an addition for added value or changing family circumstances, residential builders have the capacity to improve more than just your property, but also your lifestyle.

residential building contractor company

4 reasons why you need a residential construction general contractor

1: Building a brand new home

It’s no surprise that if you are planning on building a new home or investing a residential development that you need a residential building contractor. Our FMR Building Services team will collaborate with every party involved in your new home constructions. From the planning phase through to the completion of your home, our team will ensure that open lines of communication are kept to ensure that your dream house comes to life.

When building a residential property, it is pertinent that budgets and timelines are met to avoid halts in construction and unexpected financial strain. Across all departments of your construction process, a residential contractor will ensure that these standards are met so that your residential building project is successful.

2: Knockdown and rebuild

Knocking down an existing residential structure is a great opportunity for homeowners to rebuild the home of their dreams. Starting with a blank slate allows homeowners to communicate to residential builders exactly what they want from their homes (within the restrictions of the land). For residential builders, constructing the residential property of a client’s dreams is much easier with a knockdown and rebuild as they are not met with restrictions from the previous property.

At FMR Building Services, we recommend a knockdown and rebuild for the following reasons.

  • When clients want several major changes done to the property
  • When properties are not structurally sound
  • If clients have the budget to facilitate a knockdown and rebuild

3: Renovation

Residential builders can renovate an existing residential building to accommodate for client’s evolving needs, customisation and improved energy-efficiency/sustainability. Renovations, in most cases, have the potential to increase the value of a home, which is beneficial for property developers or homeowners interested in renting or selling their home.

Renovations can be done to almost any part of a home, including the bathroom and kitchen – two highly requested areas from our client. When you renovate your home with FMR’s residential builders, you will benefit from qualified industry professionals who will ensure that your needs and wants are met once the renovation is completed.

4: Addition of a granny flat

A granny flat is required when a family’s needs change, or if you’re looking to maximise your land space and increase the value of your property. A granny flat is designed for either one or two persons and is self-contained, making it perfect for transitioning your adult children into their own home, or for facilitating independent living of elderly relatives.

Our residential builders will provide you with support, guidance and advice regarding your granny flat, from the planning stage until you’re handed the keys to your extension. A granny flat is similar to constructing an entirely new home and requires the coordination of several different parties. A residential contractor will take charge of this to ensure that your addition is executed within budget and on time.

What benefits do residential building services offer?

Depending on your circumstances and the services that you require, the aforementioned services can provide the following benefits.

  • Option to add more sustainable living additions (e.g. double-glazed window screens)
  • Opportunity for contemporary furnishings
  • Ability to stay in your community
  • Maximise property usage
  • Increase property value
  • Adjust living arrangement to accommodate life changes (e.g. new family members)

With residential building services, you have the option to completely transform your home to your evolving lifestyle and needs and to improve the worth of your home. Residential builders are more valuable than many homeowners realise. To determine the type of service you need, we recommend getting in touch with a member of the FMR Building Services team.