July 18, 2020

Why are remedial builders important for your building?

Remedial builders are often not thought of when it comes to construction; this is because you never want to need a remedial builder. Why? Remedial builders repair and rectify buildings that are experiencing structural and sometimes, water ingress issues. Clearly, remedial builders are important as their corrective actions provide long-term solutions for the structural integrity, safety and stability of your building. But, what specifically do they do that can preserve your building for years to come? In this article, we’ll discuss common tasks that remedial builders undertake and why it’s important for your building.

What does a remedial builder do?

A remedial builder’s primary job is to restore a building’s strength, structural integrity and safety. This involves a variety of tasks depending on the state of the building. On some occasions, a remedial builder will conduct an initial assessment in order to determine what tasks need to be done in order to restore the building to its proper condition. The following are some actions that your remedial builder may recommend and execute.

  • Leak detection and repair – Our team is skilled in detecting and repairing leaks from a variety of sources in your commercial or residential building including cavity flashing, burst pipes, gutter/down pipe overflows, sewer surcharge, waterproof membrane failures, detention tanks and pumps.
  • Waterproofing – Your remedial builder will be able to waterproof your building and create an envelope, preventing penetration and damage of surfaces.
  • Brick/Crack stitching – In the cases of cracks in stone and brick, your remedial builder will not only repair but also stitch the stick or stonework back together, minimising its reoccurrence.
  • Rising damp repairs – Especially present in older buildings and one of the most common forms of dampness, your remedial builder will use effective methods to stop the rise of dampness.
  • Non-invasive underpinning – To strengthen the foundation of your building, your remedial builder will use methods that are non-invasive and that cause the minimum amount of disruption.
  • Concrete cancer – Your remedial builder will explore your concrete cancer and effectively treat it to ensure that your foundation and structure is not affected by it.

Why are remedial and commercial residential builders important?
Now that we understand some of the tasks involved in remedial building, what is the significance of it to your building and your company? Why should you care about remedial building?

Structural integrity
Remedial builders help to restore and maintain your building’s structural integrity through brick/crack stitching, non-invasive underpinning, the repair of concrete cancer and damaged timber (due to termites or rotting) and more structural repair processes. This is not only important for keeping employees safe (severe structural integrity issues can cause collapses), but also for adhering to the National Construction Code by the Australian Building Codes Board.

Health and safety of you, your employees and residents
Not adhering to the National Construction can inevitably lead to an unsafe environment for your employees. Structural deterioration can cause injuries and death as a result of the collapse of the building. Additionally, rising dampness and damaged pipes can lead to mould within the building. If your employees inhale mould fragments or spores, it can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, inflame their airways, nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation. If this continues, your employees can experience reduced lung function over time.

Improve the value of your building
If your building is old or simply neglected, introducing remedial building works will increase its sale and rental value–if you were to go that route in the future. Often, the building that your company resides in or that you live in is the largest asset that you have, so it’s in your company’s best interest to maintain it, whether it be for current or long-term gains.

Reduce the risk of costly damage
If your building goes unchecked and neglected, you can experience significant damage which then manifests into huge financial costs. Latent defects (e.g. mould and concrete cancer), especially those that are hard to see with a naked eye, can lead to the costly demise of your building. These damages such as burst pipes, mould, cracks in the structure, bricks or concrete, material rot and termites can financially burden your company with repair costs and open the window to lawsuits. Additionally, in severe cases, collapse can occur and cause insurmountable costs.

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