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Repair work

Repair work

Emergency Building Repairs

FMR Building Services provides a convenient and reliable 24-hour Emergency Make Safe service to our clients for building works across all sectors, including fire and water-damaged structures.

We fully understand the financial and structural damage that can occur as a result of some emergencies. You can expect our team to respond as quickly as possible. We will thoroughly assess your situation and communicate our plan of action. With a solution-based approach, we will begin to resolve your property’s damages efficiently.

We carry out emergency work and repairs to prevent further damage from occurring. With FMR Building Services, expect clear lines of communication and timely repairs.

A Team of Specialists

We have a specialist team, trained to strictly adhere to our OHS procedures and provide emergency repairs to damaged properties quickly, safely and at any time.

We understand that emergency incidents require swift action in order to prevent further structural damage, financial loss and danger. For these reasons, you can expect our team to respond quickly and appropriately.

Some of the emergency repairs our team is trained to respond to include but are not limited to:

  • Tree falls
  • Water leaks
  • Fire damage
  • Storm damage
  • Water damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Break-in damage
  • Impact damage
Damage Prevention

Our team will provide a safe and secure temporary result until your repairs can be completed. The prevention of further damage to your property is our priority.

Our Process

We provide a rapid response to all emergencies 24/7, all year throughout Sydney. We commit to contacting our clients within one hour of a claim being submitted to determine the damage. Our “Rapid Response make Safe Team” will then arrive onsite within 3 hours of instruction for both domestic and commercial properties.

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