A retail fit-out or renovation helps retailers to provide a more delightful shopping experience. FMR Building Services is committed to ensuring our retail construction, fit-out and interior refreshes are executed smoothly, on schedule, and with minimal disruption to ensure a hassle-free, quality final product.

We understand retail

We are accustomed to the complexities and peculiarities of retail construction, from small to large-scale retail projects. We believe and invest in our clients’ vision, breathing life into communities and crafting modern environments where people want to be.

Broad experience

At FMR Building Services, we fully understand the challenges of working in live environments, safely working alongside the general public with a professional “business as usual” approach, and the importance of meeting deadlines.

We have extensive experience with:

  • Build Outs: We demolish properties and rebuild to new requirements.
    Storefront: We remodel the front of stores to attract more foot traffic.
  • Remodels: We renovate and upgrade existing spaces.
  • Rebranding: We revamp existing properties to change or upgrade the look of clients’ spaces.
  • Sustainability: We help company’s update their spaces and “Go Green.”
  • Turnkey: We build and remodel maximise value and ability to sell.
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